The Inspiring Investment bought another house! … in Knightdale, NC

Introducing, our newest house to flip… The Holy Mouldings House!!

You will see why. Take a look inside…

As you can see, this will be quite the renovation. *TeeHeeHee*

We are sort of giddy over here and have our fingers crossed that we don’t find anything big. This may be the easiest flip we have done yet. Don’t be fooled though, people. This RARELY happens.

Here are the details:

Purchase Price: $173,880

Budget: ~$8,000-$10,000

ARV: $229,000

Scope of Work:

  1. Granite in Kitchen
  2. New Kitchen Sink and Faucet
  3. Restain Butcher Block Island Darker
  4. Replace Choice Light fixtures (the ones that are yellow)
  5. Paint Kitchen and Living Room
  6. Maybe Stainless Steel Appliances?
  7. New Carpet Throughout
  8. Replace Master Bathroom Fixtures
  9. New Epoxy Floor in Garage
  10. Staging
  11. Landscaping

We closed on this house today! This property is a perfect example of how a private lender could get started with a smaller investment. Take a look at that budget for renovations. $8,000-$10,000. Do you want your money to go to work for you?  See what it would be like to partner with us. Reach out and contact us here.

Until Next Time…



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I am a raleigh real estate investor, house flipper & lover of inspiring design. My husband, Uriah, is an experienced real estate broker who specializes in project management and acquisitions. Together, we run and operate an exciting and busy company that buys & renovates houses… bringing them back to life. We buy houses (and pay cash) in Wake County and some surrounding counties around Raleigh, NC.

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