Take A Walk Through The Shenandoah Flip

You can’t truly appreciate a large scale renovation until you see the “before” stage. In an attempt to bring our readers into the fold a bit more, we made this video to help you get up-close-and-personal with the Shenandoah project: take a walk with Uriah, he’ll show you around! Don’t mind the mess … we buy houses as-is

There will be more to come, but definitely check it out; and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on new videos! 

About Katelynn

I am a raleigh real estate investor, house flipper & lover of inspiring design. My husband, Uriah, is an experienced real estate broker who specializes in project management and acquisitions. Together, we run and operate an exciting and busy company that buys & renovates houses... bringing them back to life. We buy houses (and pay cash) in Wake County and some surrounding counties around Raleigh, NC.

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