Wayfair Mayfair


This 4 bedroom/2.5 bath home located in north east Raleigh. It was acquired through auction and funded by private lending. The home was originally built with a 4th bedroom, but the previous owners had torn down the wall to make the loft larger. One of our first acts to renovate this house was to rebuild the wall in its original place, bring it back up to the market value of comparable houses in the neighborhood. The other issue with this home were the tile floors which were in the kitchen and hallway to the garage. However, laminate floors went from the entry to the dining room. Our preference is to have consistent flooring throughout whenever possible. We opted to tear out the tile (even though it was $$$) to install new flooring throughout the home. Couple this with painting the cabinets white, adding granite, new hardware and lighting throughout and this home is now a stunner. This home is currently listed and waiting for its new owner to call it home.





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