A Little About Us…

Who We Are

Uriah and Katelynn are real estate professionals and investors who own The Inspiring Investment; a company that buys, renovates and sells houses in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. We are a husband and wife team who have a passion for renovation, RE Investing, and design. Our love for the real estate industry started when we “flipped” our first home. It took 4 years, but when we finished, it was beautiful. We have been buying, renovating, and selling houses ever since and it is now the core of our business. We love the redemptive process of seeing a house in disrepair become something beautiful. Take a look at some of the services we offer, maybe we can help!

Our Faith

We are followers of Jesus who want to use our gifts and abilities to honor and glorify Him. As members of the Summit Church, we are actively involved in our small group and kids ministry.


Uriah has a background in industrial design, project management and real estate, which gives him a wealth of knowledge that is multi-faceted. He worked with AH4R for 3 years as AVP of Acquisitions and also managed construction. During this time, he purchased over 500 homes. His expertise in evaluating the market, wisdom, and discernment have been incredibly valuable in our business. Uriah is an experienced real estate broker whose license is hung with Realty Raleigh.


Katelynn, an ICU nurse-turned-real estate investor, assists Uriah in many aspects of the Company, including project management, marketing, interior design, selections, and staging. A love of real estate runs deep on her side of the family, going back three generations!

Other interesting/random facts about us:

• We love our small group – they are our *framily*

• We are foodies.

• … Therefore, we Crossfit @ New Order Crossfit.

• We prioritize family.

• We are supporters of classical education. 

(Never heard of it? Read about it here. Our kids attend Cary Christian School – an impressive academic option for families near the Cary/Raleigh area- Check it out and take a tour if you are in the market for a school or want to learn more about classical education

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** Photograph by Chrisabel Photography